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Additional Services

Mulch Installation

Cleveland CurbScapes installs mulch! No one enjoys installing mulch, but we sure do. Our team uses the finest double or triple shred mulch that is locally sourced from Bulk-N-Bushel. Call today to discuss your next mulching project.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Call today to discuss your Spring/Fall cleanup needs. We know that not all cleanups are equal, so call Mike at 440-420-9222 to discuss your cleanup.

Landscape Installation

Need help with landscape removal or planting? Our trained and experienced landscape team can assist.

Outdoor Fireplace Installation

What better way to enjoy your outdoor space than by relaxing in front of an outdoor fireplace? Our team can prep and build an outdoor fireplace in as little as four days!

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Bulk-N-Bushel Landscaping Materials

If you need landscaping materials for your next commercial or home project, give the team at Bulk-N-Bushel a call at 440-327-9728 and check out their website by clicking the button below.

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