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Installation Day

Here’s What To Expect On The Day Of Installation

Here is a snapshot of what to expect on the day of installation. Some items we may need from the property are electricity and/or water supply. This will be discussed during the quoting process. 

Have more questions about the installation process? Give us a call to discuss!

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Site Prep

Before the Cleveland CurbScapes team installs your premium curbing, our team will prepare the bed edges and ground by removing roots and other items that may cause potential issues to your curbing. The team will discuss layout and location of the curbing during the quoting and pre-installation process.

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Curb Installation

After the site prep is completed and approved by the homeowner, we will start installing your custom curbing in the designated areas. If changes need to be made during the installation process, we will communicate with the homeowner.



Your curbing has been sealed with a “Same Day” sealer and this offers excellent protection from the weather short term as well as the sealer protects the colored concrete for up to 2 years. We recommend that you have Cleveland CurbScapes reseal your curbing every 18 months. DO NOT apply sealers that are sold at retail stores as it may have adverse effects on the properties of your colored concrete curb beyond repair.

Installation Day: Services
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